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Who are we?

We are a family owned business aspiring to share our culture, community, and love of food with our beloved customers.

What defines us?

Our community! It is where we grow, learn to love, and thrive. It is why we listen to old music, watch old movies, celebrate festivals. This is our home away from home. And what else can bring us together like food? Come visit us online or in store and share our passion for ethnic food.

How we give back?

Sponsorship is a big part of DB philosophy. We take every opportunity to contribute towards furthering our culture. We are huge fans of Indian Arts, Lifestyle and Food.












What is the store all about?

DB World Foods and DB Kitchen is a neighborhood Supermarket and To-Go restaurant that carries specialty Indian & International Groceries, freshly made Breakfast, Indian Meals and Street food.  

DB is setting a precedent as a full-service “Indian Grocerant” in this neighborhood with a fresh and upbeat environment.

What we carry?

We carry 5000+ items in several categories

  • The Produce section carries Organic and Non-Organic Fresh fruits and vegetables. 
  • The Dairy section includes Milk, Eggs, Yogurt, Cheese, Butter, Juices and various Ready to Make Batters.  
  • The Floral section has a variety of Exotic Indian Flowers, Leaves and Folliage.
  • The Frozen section includes Ice Creams, Dairy Products, Vegetables, Ready-To Eat food and Snacks, Single Serving Dinners etc.
  • The Grocery area is stocked with a Variety of Organic and Regular brands of: Rice, Lentils, Flours, Dehydrated Pulses, powdered packaged spices, Raw Spices, Dry Fruits, Chips and Indian packaged snacks, Oil, Salt, Sugar, Condiments, Sauces, Pickles, Ready to eat non-frozen food, Ready to make food products, Indian Branded Cookies, Crackers and Chocolates etc. 
  • The Health and Herbal section include first aid products, non-prescription Ayurvedic Medicines and Creams, Ointments, Personal beauty products and other related items.
  • Indian Brands of soaps, Creams, Body Oils, Henna, Ethnic Gifts and Novelties, Stainless Steel Cookware and Utensils, complements the grocery section.
  • DB Kitchen serves the entire restaurant menu inclusive of South Indian Tiffins, Street Food, Meals, and Indian Cuisine Entrée.